Wolfreton Workshop Work

Thanks to Bev Tamminen for hosting our session, and to the fantastic group of young people at Wolfreton School.

A poem to get going - My Ancestors were French
A poem to get going – My Ancestors were French

Mandi and I set the scene by talking about the Huguenot refugees and the themes around the project. We played a couple of acoustic songs to get the ball rolling, Kings & Weavers and My Ancestors were French.

Richard brought an early flowering auricula – Crimple – so everyone could have a look and see what the scent reminded them of.

We showed our film – Stranger in a Strange Land, and all discussed what it may be like to have to escape persecution, taking no possessions.

What would we take with us to help us make a new life?

Next up Mandi demonstrated a chinqupin, haiku and three word poem and the whole group set to work.

Lou Duffy-Howard

Have a look at the fabulous work produced in the gallery below. Click on an image to enlarge and scroll through…