All welcome to our next workshop

Come and join us…

Would you like to come to a free, fun, no pressure workshop Saturday May 4th at Willerby Methodist Hall, Carr Lane/Willerby Square HU10 6JP 4pm – 5.30 pm

We will be using music, poetry, local film and storytelling to look at what it feels like to come to live in a strange land, and how music can bring people of different cultures together, overcoming adversity and creating something good and new.

Free of charge. It will be easygoing and there will be tea and biscuits.

Roger reads 'Norfolk farm boy will go far'
Willerby Workshop – Roger reads ‘Norfolk farm boy will go far’

It’s all part of the Heritage Lottery Funded All Our Stories scheme, in support of BBC2’s ‘The Great British Story – A People’s History’

All welcome

Find out what went on last time – you can see reviews and photos of our previous workshops here

Part of a series of workshops, which will contribute to the archive of stories and work created for the ‘My Ancestors were French’ project. 

Amber’s Poem


I left home
Everything I know
Everything I love
It was unbearable.

Coming from school
Not allowed home
Family have gone
What is happening?

Ushered into car
Away from Willerby
Out of Hull
Destination is unknown.

Scared silence
Thinking of home
Wish I was there.

Shaking nervously
Where am I?
Wanting to be home

By Amber Watson

Olivia’s Poems


Olivia B
Olivia B

Foreign Land

Baking in sunshine
Rolling green hills
Wind taking me
Toward my destiny

Skill to acquire
People to meet
Strange new world
Walked on by
My own feet

Beautiful new land
Breath taken away
As I’m walking
I’m led astray

Primula auricula Lincoln Bullion (a haiku)
Flower found in France
Of many colours and shapes
Full of history

By Olivia Batt


Home = Hull

We met a fabulous bunch of young people at our workshop at Wolfreton School. There are some pictures of what happened on the Workshop page.

We talked about what it may be like for the Huguenot people – back in the 16th century – to be persecuted and to have to leave everything behind and take refuge in a new country. We talked about how it would feel it it were to happen to us, today.

I’ll start posting the superb work that everyone created. Here’s the first one, it’s a drawing, ‘Home = Hull’.

Home - anon
Home – anon

Mike’s Illustration

Go back

 “I had invited a couple of my friends from Bradford we were walking to town and they were saying we’ve heard Hull’s really bad and I was saying no not really, I’ve got some really good friends and it’s a really nice place to live, I’ve been to other cities but I think Hull is beautiful. Whilst I was talking a taxi passed us and the taxi driver leaned out of the window and started shouting ‘go back to your own country’, you know really shouting, really angry and my friend was saying well it must be really hard to live in Hull. I said ok there are some idiots but I have some really good friends here, don’t believe all the rumours. With that, the taxi got to the end of Spring Bank and turned around, he drove back just so he could hurl abuse at us for a second time. I was really mad; I was just telling my friends how beautiful Hull was.”

Mike drawing
Mike drawing

 “May the taxi driver’s cab be as empty as his soul.”

Watch the Film  six minutes long.

Marlene and Shirley Identical Twin Sisters

Marlene and Shirley, identical twin sisters, wrote their poems together..

Marlene & Shirley, Identical Twins
Marlene & Shirley, Identical Twins

Bird – Robin
Noisy twitterer – Crow
Flying in the sky – A Dove
Wish I was there – Holiday
Free as a bird, free as an angel

Walking by the sea – standing at Jesus’ feet
Waves call me back to my home –
Feet dig in the sand – footsteps
leaving the depths
Of water
The Cat
Sleeping in the sunshine – Thinking of our life and stars
Walking and stretching – Out into the world
Rub against legs – For warmth and comfort
‘Where’s my dinner?’ So we don’t get thinner

By Marlene Patricia Rutherford and Shirley Elizabeth Rutherford
Identical Twin Sisters

Come to a free, fun workshop

Clouded YellowMandi and I are running a free, fun and engaging workshop next Sunday 3rd March at Willerby Methodist Lounge 2pm – 4 pm.

We will be using music, poetry, local film and storytelling to explore the themes of the My Ancestors were French project. It will be easygoing, no pressure and there will even be tea and biscuits. If any of Richard’s auriculas have flowered early they will make a guest appearance!

It’s all part of the Heritage Lottery Funded All Our Stories scheme, in support of BBC2’s ‘The Great British Story – A People’s History’

Willerby Methodist Church Lounge
Sunday March 3rd 2013 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

All welcome!

Places are limited so please get in touch message me, or email to book your place as soon as possible.

Lou D-H

Have a listen to the title track of the project album…

Work produced at this workshops, and at Wolfreton School and other illustration workshops will be displayed at our local event on May 4th (put it in you diary, esy to remember, it’s international Star Wars Day) 2013 which will celebrate the stories uncovered and work created for the ‘My Ancestors were French’ project.

Dilzar creating a soundtrack for the film
Creating a soundtrack for the film

The celebration event and concert will be filmed and will contribute to a digital archive of the Heritage Lottery Fund’s All Our Stories project, in support of the BBC’s The Great British Story – A People’s History.

My Ancestors were French… a tale inspired by the lovely little alpine flower, the Primula auricula and the story of how it came to be grown and displayed on Auricula Theatres here in England.