Georgia’s Poem


Beginning to leave
No family, friends
Without a home

Waiting for taxi
Feeling very lonely
A beautiful country
Pausing, thinking back
Missing my home

Reaching my destination
The old school
Dark empty corridors
And empty silence

Nobody speaks English
Thinking of home
Want to leave.

By Georgia Hannant



Amber’s Poem


I left home
Everything I know
Everything I love
It was unbearable.

Coming from school
Not allowed home
Family have gone
What is happening?

Ushered into car
Away from Willerby
Out of Hull
Destination is unknown.

Scared silence
Thinking of home
Wish I was there.

Shaking nervously
Where am I?
Wanting to be home

By Amber Watson

Home = Hull

We met a fabulous bunch of young people at our workshop at Wolfreton School. There are some pictures of what happened on the Workshop page.

We talked about what it may be like for the Huguenot people – back in the 16th century – to be persecuted and to have to leave everything behind and take refuge in a new country. We talked about how it would feel it it were to happen to us, today.

I’ll start posting the superb work that everyone created. Here’s the first one, it’s a drawing, ‘Home = Hull’.

Home - anon
Home – anon