Corey and his Great Grandfather

This is my eldest son Corey now, and his great grandfather, John Valentine Britton, over 100 years ago. As a mum it is strange looking at a photo that is over a century old and seeing the face of Corey peer out. Quite uncanny…and fascinating.corey-and-great-grandfather
Corey wrote and played the guitar part on our ‘My Ancestors were?’ project song, the closing track on the Auricula Suite album – My Ancestors were French. You can hear it here…

The Auricula Suite is an album of songs telling a re-imagined story of a historical journey to a new land. Inspired by folk tales of the alpine flower – the Primula auricula – and its 16th century journey to England with the Huguenot refugees, it is a tale of love and loss, persecution and a new beginning.

The Auricula Suite Album is released on the DHM record label on March 6th 2017 and will be available to download on all the usual digital outlets.


Lincoln Uni Film Crew

Thanks to the team at Lincoln University Media School (Janice, Adam and Rob) for documenting our My Ancestors were French celebration event last Saturday.  

They filmed the exhibition of workshop poems and art, auricula display and the concert as well as interviews. We’re looking forward to seeing the film and photos.

Here’s Janice and Rob setting up to interview Robin Graham of Drointon Nurseries  by his Auricula Theatre.

Thanks to Jenny Dagg and Leslie Hicks at Lincoln University for working with the project and arranging the film crew for our event.