Joe’s Poem

Joe G
Joe G

Friday morning
My Ancestors were French
I’ve learned lots of things
Like the particular power
Of the auricula flower
And the memories it brings

Natural disaster
Can’t go home
Wish it never happened

By Joe Galloway


Grace’s Poem


Deprived, deserted
Alone and running
And always feeling very

Jesus came into
Her sad and lonely
Life, his life

No hope to
Be found anywhere and

Completely Lost
No time to
Get his belongings to

By Grace Burnett


Marlene and Shirley Identical Twin Sisters

Marlene and Shirley, identical twin sisters, wrote their poems together..

Marlene & Shirley, Identical Twins
Marlene & Shirley, Identical Twins

Bird – Robin
Noisy twitterer – Crow
Flying in the sky – A Dove
Wish I was there – Holiday
Free as a bird, free as an angel

Walking by the sea – standing at Jesus’ feet
Waves call me back to my home –
Feet dig in the sand – footsteps
leaving the depths
Of water
The Cat
Sleeping in the sunshine – Thinking of our life and stars
Walking and stretching – Out into the world
Rub against legs – For warmth and comfort
‘Where’s my dinner?’ So we don’t get thinner

By Marlene Patricia Rutherford and Shirley Elizabeth Rutherford
Identical Twin Sisters

Meg’s Poem


Why here?
Pin on a map
It’s my life now

Walking on the expansive Wolds
Skies as far as the eye sees
Breathing the exhilarating, golden air


Where to I go?
What can I take?
No time to pack
It’s just me!
What will happen?
Where are my babes?
Will I see this place again?
My heart beats with fear
My neighbours press round me
Can I keep up with the crowd?
My body is tired
I need to rest
But they press on
Will we find shelter?
Will there be home?

By Meg Brumpton

Eddie’s Poems

No cash card, pay
or possession can I take
Nothing but IQ

Long overdue
Leaving and relieved
Relieved to be leaving


He finally moved
Closed the borders
Invaded the north

Tired of challenges
Bored of poverty
He called time

The tanks rolled
Parliament was suspended
The opposition jailed

We queue now
Along barbed wire
Centralised and uniformed

The search lights staffed
By armed guards
Wearing Tebbit masks

By Eddie Coates-Madden