Making a Film for the AHRC

The All Our Stories element of My Ancestors were French is complete, and Rich & I are working on the next stage of the project, first for the Arts & Humanities Research Council and then for Hull City of Culture in 2017.

Lou D-H


Adam, Rob and Lou

Loudhailer UK

Rich and I had a great day today working with Rob and Adam from Lincoln School of Media who were filming us playing Into the Sun from our My Ancestors were French Heritage Lottery All Our Stories project.

Lou Graf


The film is for the Art and Humanities Research Council and maps the various energies and relations that generate connectedness amongst the All Our Stories projects in this area. Rich and I played on the Hull Pier, at various places in the Fruit Market near where the Red Guitars rehearsal room used to be. We warmed up in McCoys and finished the filming in the lovely room that used to house the Local Studies Library in Hull Central Library. Thanks to Adam and Rob – we really enjoyed the day; and thanks to our Twitter friend Matthew at Hull Central Library.

Rich & Lou

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Film editing this week

editing mawf
Interview with Richard and Louise

We spent a day last week editing the My Ancestors were French Celebratory Event film at the Lincoln School of Media. Janice had done a great job putting a draft together. There’s just a bit more to do. Quentin is working on the Refugee Week workshop film which is nearly ready too.  Looking forward to seeing the finished films.

Lincoln Uni Film Crew

Thanks to the team at Lincoln University Media School (Janice, Adam and Rob) for documenting our My Ancestors were French celebration event last Saturday.  

They filmed the exhibition of workshop poems and art, auricula display and the concert as well as interviews. We’re looking forward to seeing the film and photos.

Here’s Janice and Rob setting up to interview Robin Graham of Drointon Nurseries  by his Auricula Theatre.

Thanks to Jenny Dagg and Leslie Hicks at Lincoln University for working with the project and arranging the film crew for our event.


Here we are, we’re getting ready for our My Ancestors were French celebration event tomorrow, May 4th.


We’ll be setting up the venue, Willerby Methodist Hall, from 2pm and meeting up with the team from Lincoln University who are coming to film it.

The event kicks off at 4 pm when Amanda and Louise will be delivering a workshop, and then from 6 pm the exhibition will be open. There will be viewings of Quentin’s project films and Richard’s photos will be displayed with all the poetry, art and stories created at the workshops.

There will be an auricula theatre and flower display with Abby’s illustration and the Huguenot painting. To top off the day there will be a live performance of The Auricula Suite starting at 7.30 pm.

Primula auricula