Georgia’s Poem


Beginning to leave
No family, friends
Without a home

Waiting for taxi
Feeling very lonely
A beautiful country
Pausing, thinking back
Missing my home

Reaching my destination
The old school
Dark empty corridors
And empty silence

Nobody speaks English
Thinking of home
Want to leave.

By Georgia Hannant


Meg’s Poem


Why here?
Pin on a map
It’s my life now

Walking on the expansive Wolds
Skies as far as the eye sees
Breathing the exhilarating, golden air


Where to I go?
What can I take?
No time to pack
It’s just me!
What will happen?
Where are my babes?
Will I see this place again?
My heart beats with fear
My neighbours press round me
Can I keep up with the crowd?
My body is tired
I need to rest
But they press on
Will we find shelter?
Will there be home?

By Meg Brumpton