Refugee Week Workshop at Creator College

You’ve just gotta watch this, superb work created for Hull Refugee Week…

Adam showing his Poemed Illustration
Adam showing his Poemed Illustration

Refugee Week Workshop Poems and Illustrations

Adam's Tree
Adam’s Tree

Here are some of the beautiful poems and illustrations created at our My Ancestors were French workshop at Creator College for Refugee Week.

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Free Auricula Suite Gig for Refugee Week

FREE Auricula Suite gig for Hull Refugee Week, on Wednesday 19th June 2013 upstairs at Creator College, 6-8 King Edward St, Hull, HU1 3SS, UK doors 7.00 pm, band on stage 7.30 pm.

Songs telling of a journey to a new land, a story of love and loss, persecution and a new beginning; inspired by folk tales of the alpine Primula auricula and its 16th century journey to England with the Huguenot refugees.

My Ancestors were French – Amanda, Quentin, Louise, Richard

Written by Richard & Louise Duffy-Howard and performed by My Ancestors were French – Richard & Louise (guitars and vocals), Amanda Lowe (hammer dulcimer) and Quentin Budworth (hurdy gurdy).

“The music was intricately beautiful, the songs informative and real, the performers were fascinating to watch and the whole entertainment and feel of the evening was celebratory. The interweaving of the instrument sounds and the vocals painted exciting pictures…get the CD it is a beautiful recording of the material. ” Gifford Rolfe

“What a fantastic evening the Auricula Suite concert is – beautiful people, music, and flowers. A room bursting with colour, love & enriched with mesmeric music…we all absolutely loved it!” Lynn Beaumont

“The songs are lovely, memorable and haunting.” Liz Goodwin

“Thank you for your performance, great music, lyrics, colours and auriculas!” June Hennige

Songs, stories, flowers, photographs…and those flowers take me back…

My Ancestors were French – Part of the Heritage Lottery Funded All Our Stories scheme, in support of BBC2’s ‘The Great British Story – A People’s History’

Please note that there are stairs up to the concert room.

Free Workshop and Exhibition for Hull Refugee Week

Would you like to come to a FREE workshop and exhibition on Wednesday June 19th 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm at Creator College, 6-8 King Edward St, Hull, HU1 3SS, UK

We use music, poetry, local film and storytelling to look at what it feels like to come to live in a strange land, and how music can bring people of different cultures together, overcoming adversity and creating something good and new.

Run by Mandi and Lou, it will be easygoing and there will be tea and biscuits. All welcome, just come along on the day but note that there are stairs up to the venue.

It’s all part of the Heritage Lottery Funded All Our Stories scheme, in support of BBC2’s ‘The Great British Story – A People’s History

Part of a series of workshops, which will contribute to the archive of stories and work created for the ‘My Ancestors were French’ project.

Dilzar creating a soundtrack for the film

There will also be a free My Ancestors were French gig (The Auricula Suite) at 7.00 pm. All welcome, come and join us!

Please note that there are stairs up to the concert room, and as yet no lift.

My Ancestors were French Workshop
My Ancestors were French Workshop
A Huguenot, and feedback
Workshop Circle

Click here to see the full Refugee Week Programme


Here we are, we’re getting ready for our My Ancestors were French celebration event tomorrow, May 4th.


We’ll be setting up the venue, Willerby Methodist Hall, from 2pm and meeting up with the team from Lincoln University who are coming to film it.

The event kicks off at 4 pm when Amanda and Louise will be delivering a workshop, and then from 6 pm the exhibition will be open. There will be viewings of Quentin’s project films and Richard’s photos will be displayed with all the poetry, art and stories created at the workshops.

There will be an auricula theatre and flower display with Abby’s illustration and the Huguenot painting. To top off the day there will be a live performance of The Auricula Suite starting at 7.30 pm.

Primula auricula

Thomas’ Ancestory


My Ancestory

Living in Scotland
Wind whistling through the air
Waves crashing against the shore
Sea air filling your lungs
The sweetest of smells
Nervous but excited
Moving away

I looked out for a final time at the waves crashing against the shore. The wind whistled through the morning air. We were moving to Hull today. I was nervous but excited at the same time. How most people feel at the start of a new adventure.

A small tear formed in my eye as I pulled open the car door, with a clang.

Living in Scotland
Moving to Hull
Tears in my eyes
Nervous and excited
Moving for job
Leaving everything known
Leaving everything loved
Leaving everything behind
Get into car
Close the door
Nine years old.

By Thomas Tilney

Rachael’s Poem



When I’m older I want to move to America. I’ve never been before, but a lot of people on Youtube that I watch live there and it looks better than England. I want to pass all my GCSEs, all the core subjects as well as Business Studies, Japanese, History and Statistics. I’d love to get all As and A stars – but I wouldn’t mind a few Bs.

Celtic descent –> Hebrew name –> means Ewe

My Celtic descent
No idea how
Hull Celtic tribe
Time of Boudicca
Ancient Pagan religion

My Hebrew name
Means female sheep
I’m not Hebrew
Neither is Mum
Or my Dad
This is confusing

Surname is Hardy
I don’t know
Where it’s from
But I know
What it means
It means strong
Means come back
Almost every year

My Mum is
From the Country
She got married
To a ‘Townie’
I would have
Lived on farm

Got Dad’s eyes
And Mum’s face
And Grandad’s eyes
And Great Aunt
Jenny’s weird hair

My Dad’s Mum
Was called Jean
She died when
I was five
She used to
Give me chocolate
For after tea

My Dad’s Dad
Wall called Alan
Never met him
He was in
World War two
He went blind
But saw again
My Great Grandma
And Great Grandad
Were Slightly posh
Lots of kids

I might have
Relatives in America
We lost contact

My Step Auntie
Lives in Australia
She’s visiting soon
Which is nice.

By Rachael Hardy

Roger’s Story of Generations

Ted Hird, Norfolk farm boy talks to his horses, they always agree, he
has to go to make not a fortune, a way, in the dark arches of Blast Lane
is Sheffield smelly, sodden, gloom, last night’s sweat, straw and shit
to shovel Margaret
Sal in harness for stone at
Worral Cliffs wages for new boots and ST Bruno Minnie met then Bill,
Albert, Nellie, Ann, John, Horace, Jack, Roger, Christine, Sarah, Holly,
Simon, Sam, Erin, Anya, Mags

Norfolk Farm Boy Will Go Far

By Roger Coates

Roger reads 'Norfolk farm boy will go far'
Five Generation Story, three in the picture…Roger reads ‘Norfolk farm boy will go far’

My Ancestors were French

One of the themes of My Ancestors were French is the impact of faith on people’s lives throughout history. Today, because of migration and travel, the world seems smaller, and there are many choices – but not necessarily answers to all our questions. The closing song is that of a young woman living in northern England today. She doesn’t know much about her family history, but like many English or American people she is of Huguenot descent. This young woman starts to look back into her family history and begins to find the faith to help her through the pitfalls of life. She learns stories from her family, and discovers that the scent of the auricula has a special quality, which takes her back to childhood memories. Memories of grandparents’ potting sheds…and even further back…when you suddenly think ‘how can this memory be older than me…?’

My ancestors were French,
And, for what it’s worth, faith ruled their lives.

Me, I’ve never been to church, and I haven’t been good.
But I’ve made my mark,
And I got in trouble,
Listening to my devil in the dark.

Y’know I’ve always landed on my feet,
And I’ve got a sense of history.
Yeah I’ve always landed on my feet,
And those flowers take me back…

The devil inside, he’s sittin’ on my shoulder,
Pushin’ me out so I’m sittin’ on a boulder
In the middle of the lake.
And the devil can’t swim,
So I’m feelin’ brave and I’m gonna get him.

It’s gonna get colder, if he falls in the lake.
He’ll be off my shoulder, off my back.
There’ll be no more trouble,
Gonna make a fresh start.
Stop listenin’ to the devil…
Gonna listen to my heart.

Gonna listen

To my heart.

© 2012  Lou Duffy-Howard, Corey Clough-Howard

Stingray Lou

Come to a free, fun workshop

Clouded YellowMandi and I are running a free, fun and engaging workshop next Sunday 3rd March at Willerby Methodist Lounge 2pm – 4 pm.

We will be using music, poetry, local film and storytelling to explore the themes of the My Ancestors were French project. It will be easygoing, no pressure and there will even be tea and biscuits. If any of Richard’s auriculas have flowered early they will make a guest appearance!

It’s all part of the Heritage Lottery Funded All Our Stories scheme, in support of BBC2’s ‘The Great British Story – A People’s History’

Willerby Methodist Church Lounge
Sunday March 3rd 2013 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

All welcome!

Places are limited so please get in touch message me, or email to book your place as soon as possible.

Lou D-H

Have a listen to the title track of the project album…

Work produced at this workshops, and at Wolfreton School and other illustration workshops will be displayed at our local event on May 4th (put it in you diary, esy to remember, it’s international Star Wars Day) 2013 which will celebrate the stories uncovered and work created for the ‘My Ancestors were French’ project.

Dilzar creating a soundtrack for the film
Creating a soundtrack for the film

The celebration event and concert will be filmed and will contribute to a digital archive of the Heritage Lottery Fund’s All Our Stories project, in support of the BBC’s The Great British Story – A People’s History.

My Ancestors were French… a tale inspired by the lovely little alpine flower, the Primula auricula and the story of how it came to be grown and displayed on Auricula Theatres here in England.