Sophie’s Story


I take a deep breath in. Absorbing every piece of the fresh clean air. I grab hold of the deep squelchy mud and grasp hold of grass, feeling the cold freshness of the plant. The sun shiny with all it’s hear and warming me from the inside. I climb to the top of the tallest hill and look out to the distance and see my old brown house with many colours of flowers. The house has five windows, two doors. I sleep in the attic, it is how I like everything, it’s mine. My bed, my rug, my posters, my music, my clothes, my life. My room is covered in animals I like, music I like, or my favourite colour, blue. I look down the hill to see my best mate Matt coming up to see me. He has been my best mate for as long as I can remember, and if I need help I would always go to him first. But little did I know I would have to say the thing that has been on my mind for ages….

By Sophie Evans




Thomas’ Ancestory


My Ancestory

Living in Scotland
Wind whistling through the air
Waves crashing against the shore
Sea air filling your lungs
The sweetest of smells
Nervous but excited
Moving away

I looked out for a final time at the waves crashing against the shore. The wind whistled through the morning air. We were moving to Hull today. I was nervous but excited at the same time. How most people feel at the start of a new adventure.

A small tear formed in my eye as I pulled open the car door, with a clang.

Living in Scotland
Moving to Hull
Tears in my eyes
Nervous and excited
Moving for job
Leaving everything known
Leaving everything loved
Leaving everything behind
Get into car
Close the door
Nine years old.

By Thomas Tilney