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My Ancestors were French Music – the Auricula Suite


Originally inspired by folk tales of the small alpine Primula auricula and its 16th century journey to England with the Huguenot refugees, The Auricula Suite of songs is an album of songs telling a re-imagined story of a historical journey to a new land. It is a tale of love and loss, persecution and a new beginning.

The Auricula Suite Album  is released on the DHM record label on March 6th 2017. It features Rich & Lou Duffy-Howard’s Auricula Suite Ensemble – vocals, acoustic guitars, hammer dulcimer and hurdy gurdy.

You can listen to a preview of  The Auricula Suite illustrated by some of our auriculas…

Click on the link for the song lyrics and the story of the song:

The Same Sky Overture
Kings & Weavers
Into the Sun
Madness & the Wind
The Same Sky
English Garden
In the Greenwood 
Dressed in Blue
My Ancestors were French

Refugee – Sunday Morning Sketch

The Auricula Suite is written by Richard & Louise Duffy-Howard and performed by Richard & Louise (guitars and vocals) with special guests Amanda Lowe (hammer dulcimer) and Quentin Budworth (hurdy gurdy).

© Duffy-Howard 2013

Auriculas grown and photographed by Richard Duffy-Howard