Piano-Song (Refugee, Sunday Morning Sketch)


IMG_20120915_105715It was after the workshop Rich & I did for Refugee Week – when everyone wrote poems – that I found I had some words on the go too, inspired by the stories of refugees we had listened to. It’s about a young man leaving his family and the home he has grown up in to seek safety in a strange country. As he says goodbye he is thinking about growing up in a beautiful country – now war torn and broken – and remembering snapshots of his childhood.

So, the following Sunday morning I figured out a piano accompaniment. I recorded a sketch on my Walkman, and that was the title sorted: Refugee – Sunday Morning Sketch. Yesterday we spent the morning in Element Studio where we recorded this version. I took along my Cutlass and added a bass line – it’s always great to play some bass.

You can listen to it here…

Rich and Dexter took some photos, click on an image to enlarge and scroll through…

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Refugee Lyrics
Refugee Lyrics