Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, ‘My Ancestors were French’  uses music, stories, art, film, poetry and photographs to explore how the Huguenot people – the first refugees to come to England in the 16th Century – successfully integrated into new lands bringing with them trades and skills; and the modern day experiences of new settlers today.

My Ancestors were French was devised by Richard and Louise Duffy-Howard and presented by the My Ancestors were French Team.

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The My Ancestors were French project group is delighted to be funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) All Our Stories scheme.

The group is a not for profit group chaired by traveller, writer and musicologist Chris Goodwin who explains, “It is really exciting to have the opportunity to investigate this intriguing aspect of our collective culture and share it with our community. The East Riding, containing one of Britain’s major historical international ports, is an area rich in history and a melting pot of the world’s traditions. Many races and cultures have enriched this wonderful region to the benefit of all. This story, presented in the innovative use of music, narration, photography, art and horticulture, is just one of the many fascinating threads forming the weave of our colourful heritage. It is a story that has been bursting to be told. We are thrilled to be enabled to tell it.”