The Freedom Flame

The #FreedomFlame arrived in Hull from #Wageningen on Thursday. There is a moving yet uplifting exhibition to accompany it in it’s new home in The Creative and Cultural Company gallery, together with works by Debi Keable Artist, Martin Waters, Alan Stichler, Everthorpe art, and the story of Richard’s Grandad’s experiences as a POW in Auschwitz. Please visit it on the Harbour Deck of Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Kingston upon Hull, and at the post here…

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The Freedom Flame The Freedom Flame

Here is the ‪Freedom Flame‬ in a stunning shiny brass lamp. It is standing in it’s new home in The Creative and Cultural Company Artspace on the Harbour Deck of Hull’s Princes Quay Shopping Centre, on a beautiful plinth, especially carved for the flame by Allen Stichler.  Originally lit by Field-Marshall Montgomery in 1948, and now brought to the UK for the first time, the flame is surrounded by Martin Waters’ flowing ‘Poppies’ installation of 20,000 poppies, Debi Keable’s most atmospheric Journey Series Paintings – all together for the first time; art from Everthorpe Prison and Richard’s moving exhibition telling a story of his grandad – Fred Lamb’s diary and poetry and detailing the Death March from Auschwitz POW camp to liberation in 1945. You can see the flame, and all of the works at The Creative and Cultural Company gallery in Princes Quay from today. It is a beautiful and…

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