Fred Lamb

“Memories are my freedom, and hope my only liberty” Richard’s Grandad, Fred Lamb. You can see more about his experiences as a POW in Auschwitz here. It’s part of the Freedom Flame exhibition in the downstairs gallery in Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Kingston upon Hull together with moving yet uplifting works by artists Debi Keable, Martin Waters and Everthorpe prisoners. If you are in the area please pay a visit to it, and have a look in the PoP Pride of Place art space on the fourth floor where there is a full Liberation and Freedom exhibition.

Loudhailer UK

“Memories are my freedom, and hope my only liberty” Fred Lamb

Emily and Fred 1950s Emily and Fred 1950s

Dad. Grandad. Husband. Soldier. Prisoner of war number 221998 and a grower of what looked to a four year old in 1970 like a 100 miles of perfect roses. A good guy. A quiet man. Strong and always smiling. This is a story of a small part of his life. Not insignificant but something he rarely spoke of and only what I discovered later only really to me. When I was given the book and asked him about it he wouldn’t say anything of the horrors and kept those things to himself. He made light of most things and the only detail of his capture he made of it a rather funny story, I think true, of being blown off his motorcycle in North Africa and incapacitated due to the large amount of very painful…

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