Stranger in a Strange Land

Our new short film ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ is ready for release. We have made the film of Dilzar’s story especially for our “My Ancestors were French” project. The six minute long film illuminates Dilzar’s evocative story that Rich and Dilzar worked on together to complement Richard Lees’ Rock against Racism poster exhibition at Wilberforce House Museum in Hull (for Wilberforce 2007).

“Wow, what a beautiful film! It made me feel very emotional.” Abby Wright

“If people can clear their minds and watch this film and listen they may rethink and see the real picture for people who are sometimes just looking to be accepted, no matter where you are from. We all carry hidden sadness.” Ron Wilke

Watch the film and see how it makes you feel…

Award winning filmmaker, Quentin Budworth, shot the film of Dilzar talking about his experiences of what it feels like to be a refugee in a strange land, and how music can bring people of different cultures together, overcoming adversity and creating something good and new.

Rich documented the days filming with a series of images in the gallery below. Click on in image to enlarge, and scroll through…

Stranger in a Strange Land will be shown and used at the workshops and at the celebratory event in May.


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